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Starting from the Tengendai Kōgen Plateau visitors can enjoy trekking to the summit of one of Japan's one hundred top mountains, Mt. Nishi-Azuma.

Near the summit is an expansive high-altitude moor home to a wide array of beautiful alpine plant life as well as beautiful views of mountains such as Iide, Gassan, Chōkai, Zaō and Adatara.

Mt. Bandai, which is also amongst Japan's top 100 mountains, also delivers breath-taking scenery.

Mt. Nishiazuma ‘Panorama’ Trekking
Mt. Nishiazuma Trekking map
Trekking Model Course
Takimidai- Mikendai as seen from Hinohonoe no Taki Waterfall
【Beginner】Source of Mogamigawa River / Hinohonoe No Taki Waterfall / Takimidai Course
A course that passes Pension-Mura where one can view marvelous plant life such as Japanese gentian before finally arriving at Takimidai. Experience the history of Tengendai Kōgen Platform and witness a monument to the mines of the area.
Estimated time required: Around 30 minutes
Tengen Lodge ⇒ Pension-Mura ⇒ Hinohonoe no Taki Waterfall - Takimidai -  ⇒ Tengen Lodge
【Beginner】 Myōdō no Taki Waterfall Course.
Witness the true wonder of nature before your very eyes from the source of Mogimigawa river. Also see plant-life such as the grass-of-parnassus and koba plantation lilies.
Estimated time required: Around 60 minutes
Tengendai Lodge ⇒ Myoudou no Taki Waterfall (Mogimigawa River) ⇒ Tengendai Lodge
Alpine Flowers – Ningyō-Iwa (Rock Shaped like a doll) Course – (3km, around 4 hours 30 mins.) Tengen Lodge (Meet at 8:50)
>Alpine Flowers – Ningyō-Iwa (Rock Shaped like a doll) Course –
【Intermediate】Japan’s top 100 mountains – Mt. Nishi-Agatsuma Course (6.2km, around 7 hours 20 mins.) – Arrive at Tengendai Lodge at 8:30
Japan’s top 100 mountains – Mt. Nishi-Agatsuma Course
*Guided Tours are also available-For more information click here

Nishi-Agatsuma Trekking must see spots

Natsuyama Lift
(Natsuyama Lift)
Enjoy the scenery of alpine plant-life while riding Tengendai Kōgen Platform to North Bōdai (Altitude 1,820m)
Gomeihō Viewing Platform
(Altitude 1,820m)
When weather conditions are favorable mountains such as Iide, Gassan, Chōkai, Zaō and Adatara, which are ranked among Japan’s top 100 mountains, can be seen.
Kamoshika Viewing Platform
(Altitude 1,940m)
When weather conditions are favorable you can enjoy the views of Mt. Iide, Mt. Asahi and Mt. Chōkai.
Alpine Flowers
The wetland near the summit is host to ‘Iroha-Numa’ a lake area dotted with small ponds rarely found in Japan. Beautiful alpine flowers bloom in this area in large numbers.
(Altitude 2,005m)
The view of the marshland area and east Agatsuma mountain range is particularly splendid in this area.
Tengu-Iwa – Rock Shaped like a Tengu
(Altitude 2,005m)
While riding the lift from Tengendai-Kōgen to North Bōdai (1,820m altitude) you can appreciate the alpine plant life and foliage of the area.
Mt Nishi-Agatsuma
(Altitude 2,035m)
The pride of the Agatsuma mountain range, a very famous mountain among Japan’s 100 top mountains.
(Altitude 1,981m)
See all of Mt. Adatara, Mt. Bandai and the lake on the Bandai plateau in on unobscured breathtaking panorama view.
Gentiana nipponica ‘Miyamarindō’Gentiana nipponica ‘Miyamarindō’
Geum pentapetalum ‘Monguruma’Geum pentapetalum ‘Monguruma’
Rhododendron degronianum ‘Azumashakunage’Rhododendron degronianum ‘Azumashakunage’
Nephrophyllidium (deer cabbage) ‘Iwaichō’Nephrophyllidium (deer cabbage) ‘Iwaichō’
*Mt Nishi-Agatsuma has many other opportunities to view alpine plant-life.-For more information click here.
Notice for Trekkers.
Please choose a course that is suited to your ability and experience and make sure to adequately prepare the needed equipment for your journey.
Mt. Azuma’s high moorland is considered a ‘world property’. Please stick to the mountain trails and wooden foot paths designated.
Littering can harm the natural environment so please take all waste home. Please maintain proper etiquette and respect safety rules when trekking.
If using a walking stick please use a protector as to not damage the terrain.
In the event of mountain climbing please submit the necessary ‘Mountain climbing schedule form’ beforehand.
<<Locations for submission>> Yonezawa Police Station, Tengendai-Kōgen Platform, Yonezawa Mountain Distress Committee (Yonezawa tourism department)
Hiking Model Course
YonezawaYonezawa as seen from the Panorama Viewing Station.
◎Yonezawa Panorama Viewing Platform Course
On days with good viewing conditions Zaō, Mt.Chōkai、Mt.Adatara、Asahi and the Iide mountain range are viewable.
Estimated time required: Around 20 mins.
Tengendai Lodge ⇔ hakuba Memory Plaza ⇔ Panorama Viewing Station
◎Naka-Azuma viewing station Course
As soon as you get off the lift at this viewing platform (altitude 1,450m) and look out at Myōdō waterfall you can appreciate the true scale of the surrounding mountains and nature. The view on the lift on the way down the mountain always allows you to see Zaō, Chōkai, Adatara, Iide and Asahi.
Estimated time required: Around 30 minutes
Tengendai Lodge ⇒ Shirakaba Lift ⇒ Naka-Azuma viewing station ⇒ Shirakaba Lift ⇒ Tengendai Lodge
◎Kōgen Viewing Platform Shakunage (Rhododendron) Course
Take two lifts up to Shakunage Ski-slope summit (altitude of 1,590m) The view of Tengendai-Kōgen Platform and the surrounding mountains is like a completely other world.
Estimated Time Required: Around 60 minutes
Tengendai Lodge ⇒ Shirakaba Lift ⇒ Shakunage Lift ⇒ Shakunage Ski-slope descending hiking ⇒ Shirakaba Lift ⇒ Tengendai Lodge