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“ABC” of Yonezawa Food
A = APPLE “Tateyama Apple”
Tateyama Apple was originated in the Meiji era and has been valued as Yonezawa’s key product. The various kinds of apples are now cultivated. All of those acidity, solidity and aroma have received high evaluation marks.
Tateyama Apple
B = BEEF “Yonezawa Beef”
Mr. C. H. Dallas, who was an English teacher transferred to Yonezawa Kojokan in the early Meiji era, spreaded Yonezawa Beef all over Japan. The top-grade marbled beef is raised by the extreme tempratures, limpid air and fresh water.
Yonezawa Beef
C = CARP “Yonezawa Carp”
It is said that it was originally cultivated by Yozan Uesugi a few hundred years ago, in order to gain significant source of protein. The cold winter cultivates firm meat of high-quality carps, which is absolutely without muddy odor and appreciated by many people in and out of Yamagata.
Yonezawa Carp
Yonezawa Ramen & Soba Noodles
Yonezawa Ramen Noodle
The origin is thought to be ramen noodle stand by a Chinese merchant back in the Taisho era and now “Yonezawa Ramen Noodle” can be enjoyed at about 130 restaurants in the city. The soup is basically made of chicken carcasses and dried sardines, which tastes plain with good finish and can be had even every day. The noodles are cut straight and kneaded into curly style.
Yonezawa Ramen Noodle
Yonezawa Soba Noodle
In addition to the famous “Yonezawa Beef” and “Yonezawa Ramen Noodles”, Yonezawa is also known the delicious soba noodles. The organization consisted of 18 soba restaurants in Yonezawa City develops various activities including tasting party of newly harvested soba.
Yonezawa Soba Noodle