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The “ABC” of Yonezawa Cuisine
A = APPLE “Tateyama Apple”
Tateyama Apples were first grown during the Meiji era and have been come to be known as own of Yonezawa's most delicious foods. Though various kinds of apples are now grown, all are well known for their delicious and crisp taste.
Tateyama Apple
B = BEEF “Yonezawa Beef”
Charles Henry Dallas was an English teacher transferred to the Yonezawa Kojokan High School during the early Meiji era, it was during this time that Dallas found a love for the taste of Yonezawa beef and spread it across the whole of Japan. The top-grade marbled beef is raised by the extreme temprature, clear air, and fresh water and is known as one of the three main high-grade Japanese 'Wagyu' Beefs.
Yonezawa Beef
C = CARP “Yonezawa Carp”
The food culture sorrounding carp was originally started by feudal lord Uesugi Yozan, in order for the citizens of Yonezawa to get a source of protein during a period of poverty. Now, the dish is considered one of Yonezawa's delicacies. The cold winter creates a firm meat and unique taste known accross the Yamagata Prefecture.
Yonezawa Carp
Yonezawa Ramen & Soba Noodles
Yonezawa Ramen
It is thought that Yonezawa Ramen was first created by a Chinese merchant during the Taisho Era, now there are over a hundred Ramen restaraunts in the city that server 'Yonezawa Ramen'. The simple soup is made froma chicken stock with dried sardines. The noodles are cut straight and kneaded into the distinct wavey Yonezawa style.
Yonezawa Ramen Noodle
Yonezawa Soba
In addition to the famous “Yonezawa Beef” and “Yonezawa Ramen”, Yonezawa is also known for delicious soba noodles. Yonezawa Soba is considered a 'tradition' by the restaraunts that serve it, with many holding events to taste Soba from freshly harvested buckwheat.
Yonezawa Soba Noodle