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Hot Springs

Shirabu Hot Spring
The 700-year old historical resort is located at an altitude of 900 meters, on the mountainside of Mt. Azuma range. It is the convenient base for Mt. Nishi Azuma climbing and Tengendai Highland trecking in summer and skiing in winter.
Shirabu Hot Spring1
Shirabu Hot Spring2
Onogawa Hot Spring
It is said that Ono no Komachi, a poet in the 9th century, found the hot spring and healed her sick self. The “Firefly Festival” is held from mid-June to late July every year, where tens of thousands of luciola cruciate, luciola lateralis and hotaria parvula dance above the river surface.
Onogawa Hot Spring1
Onogawa Hot Spring2
Yunosawa Hot Spring
Surrounded by Hagurogawa River and Japanese larch forest, it is a quiet and renowned hot spring, had loved by people for ages.
Yunosawa Hot Spring1
Yunosawa Hot Spring2

Trip to secluded hot springs

Ubayu Onsen Hot Spring
It is at an altitude of 1,250 meters, which is the highest of all hot springs in Yamagata Prefecture. The open-air bath is very out-of-the-way hot spring surrounded by rough mountain surface. The seasons of fresh green leaves and autumnal leaves are extraordinary.(Closed in winter)
Ubayu Hot Spring1
Ubayu Hot Spring2
Shintakayu Onsen Hot Spring
Going further from Shirabu Hot Spring for more 10 minutes, the hidden hot spring emerges at a height of 1,126 meters. The outlook from the open-air bath is beyond comparison. Recommended for summer retreat and recreation.
Shintakayu Hot Spring1
Shintakayu Hot Spring2
Namekawa Onsen Hot Spring
The open-air bath along the mountain stream at 850 meters elevation provides for the colorful beauty and contrasts of all four seasons. The view of the nearby Namekawa Falls is splendid.(Closed in winter)
Namekawa Hot Spring1
Namekawa Hot Spring2
Goshiki Onsen Hot Spring
The view from the inn, which is at an altitude of 800 meters, is fabulous. The delightful outlook of the Asahi mountains and the Zao mountains evokes a sense of liberty.
Goshiki Hot Spring1
Goshiki Hot Spring2
Odaira Onsen Hot Spring
Located in Mt. Azuma, where is a pure and unsullied land. Plenty of hot spring waters gush out at the open-air bath near the waterhead of Mogamigawa River. It has natural scenic beauty of the waterfalls just above the inn.(Closed in winter)
Odaira Hot Spring1Odaira Hot Spring1
Odaira Hot Spring2