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Specialty Products

Yonezawa Textiles
Yonezawa Textiles, while first established over 400 years ago, became a staple of Yonezawa culture under the rule of Uesugi Yozan, the 9th lord of the Yonezawa clan. Yonezawa textiles are now known nationwide for their high quality fabric used in Kimono and other tradtional Japanese garments.
Yonezawa Fabric
Sasano Ittobori
This folk craft has been handed down in the Sasano district in Yonezawa city for twelve centuries. Simple objects chiseled with cutting knife called Sarukiri and minimalistically colored. An excellent gift for housewarmings and weddings, as well as the perfect souvenir. Perhaps most famous is the 'Otaka Poppo', a hawk figurine with a masterly crafted tail.
Sasano Ittobori
Sagara Dolls
Seizaemon Atsutada Sagara, the retainer of Uesugi Yozan, originally crafted dolls as a pass-time. The heartwarming dolls reflect trends of the late Edo period and have become a Yonezawa tradition.
Sagara Dolls
Yonezawayaki Ceramics
Yonezawa-yaki was actually first established as a branch of the “Narushimayaki” style of pottery, which is an ancient craft created in the Yonezawa area. Yonezawa-yaki further developed the ceramic style into a more sophisticated art style.
Yonezawayaki Potteries
Spinning Tops
Yonezawa boasts the largest production of “wooden spinning tops” in Japan. Other traditional toys are also made in the city, these toys make great gifts for those who want to experience a more 'traditional' Japan.
Spinning Tops